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Welcome to ATSI

Advanced Technological Systems International Limited (ATSI) specialises in the design and production of some of the most advanced power management systems available today.

A.T.S.I. Power Management has been formed due to the increasing demands for power related products designed and built by A.T.S.I. Ltd.

Over the past ten years, A.T.S.I. has been in the forefront of design for specialist power management systems used in both the Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Military equipment demands the highest standards of safety, durability and reliability, in order to operate in extreme climatic or environmentally hostile conditions.

Commissioned by the British MOD, we were asked to develop a power source that would be safe, cost effective and could be transported without restrictions.

Battery technology is evolving faster than ever before and with it comes the need for more sophisticated management systems. With this in sight, A.T.S.I. decided to investigate the available battery chemistries. Our objective was to produce the ideal all-purpose Military power device capable of delivering power even after sustaining both bullet and shrapnel impact; at the same time eliminating the risk of both fire and toxic gasses. Finally, the ability to be transported with Class 9 exemption of the Dangerous Goods Act (with all its transport restrictions).

The result of which was the development of Nickel Metal Hydride battery technology – one of the safest and most durable battery products available today.

Through years of research and development, we have achieved outstanding results far beyond the original manufacturer’s specifications both in temperature capability and longevity of cell life. Our Ni-MH batteries are exempt from the Dangerous Goods Act, (unlike Lithium), and can be shipped without special conditions.

Over the years, we have repeatedly supplied our products to the US Marine Corps, Canadian Army and the British MOD.

All our products have been designed with a view to lightweight portability and ease of transportation-combined with a high level of ruggidization, making them ideal for field operations.

As well as our ruggedized Ni-MH batteries, which range from 1Ah to 1000Ah, (any voltage), we also have a wide range of Uninterruptable Power Supplies and Critical Power Supply Units.

A.T.S.I offers a bespoke service which can be totally tailored to the client’s requirements: culminating in the perfect solution for the task in hand.