Multiple Hawk Battery charger


Product Description

The RMBC24-8 has been designed specifically for the HAWK battery. This unit can trickle charge up to eight HAWK batteries at any one time.

Each charging bay has its own individual switch allowing the operator to replace a battery when fully charged without interfering
with the other batteries whilst on charge. Both a charging indicator and a digital volt meter inform the operator as to the state of charge at any time on each bay.

This unit is both a trickle charger and a battery conditioner with the added advantage that batteries can be charged at high or low ambient temperatures without damaging the batteries.

Due to its low power requirement (4.5 Amps @ 240v AC) and its universal power input (110 to 240vAC) the RMBC24-8 can be
used on any domestic mains output socket throughout the world.

All chargers available on 12v batteries.