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Outdoor Power Supply Unit


Product Description

The RMPSU28V2KW is a specially designed outdoor AC/DC power supply unit capable of delivering over 40 amps of power at
28 volts DC. Power input ranges from 100VAC through to 260V AC and is totally auto switching.

The outer casing has been milled out of a solid block of aluminium to provide the perfect heat sink to maximise cooling of the electronic components whilst under extreme high ambient temperatures.

Ideally suited for outdoor Military applications, this AC/DC power supply is fully sealed to withstand dust, sand and rain ingestation.

Down time of equipment due to power issues is minimised by the provision of a simple red and green LED which informs the
operator immediately if there are any power issues regarding mains supply or DC output from the unit.

To maintain covert operations, the unit has been anodised in black to reduce reflections. Both red and green LED’s are fitted with a rotating blackout cap to prevent unwanted illumination.

Technical Specifications