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12v 64Ah Batteries

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Product Description

The RM1 H is a new generation of Nickel Metal Hydride 12 volt 64Ah batteries designed specifically for the British Army. This unit is one of the most advanced batteries in the world today.

The RM1 H comes with fitted heaters allowing it to operate in extreme temperatures as low as -30°C. or equally comfortable at
the other end of the scale at 70°C.

Totally water resistant, this battery will operate in partially submerged conditions without any major damage to the electronics
within the unit, making it ideal for covert operations in hostile environments.

These batteries can cover all areas of deployment, from the Arctic Through to the Tropics. Both the outer and inside of the case have been treated with a special nylon coating which is resistant to most chemicals, including acid.

A four-segment LED display shows the battery’s state of charge, via a simple press to test button. All plugs and sockets are P68
rated. The purpose designed RMBC 64, charging unit, charges the battery in less than 6 hours from flat to full. The unit is capable of more than 600 recharges before a cell change is required, making it extremely cost effective.

Technical Specifications