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Harrier Battery / Charging Kit (HBCK 1)

Complete rapid deployment battery kit

Harrier Kit

Product Description

The HBCK 1 is a complete rapid deployment battery kit designed for field operations.

The kit comprises of a 35Ah Ni-MH battery (HARRIER), DC trickle charger (RMTC2) and a mains adapter (RMTC2MA).

The HARRIER battery is totally submergible to a depth of 1 metre in either fresh or seawater.

A four-segment LED display shows the state of charge at any time via a press to test button.

With a guaranteed minimum cycle life of 600 recharges, the HARRIER is a very cost efficient battery.

The kit comes complete with all necessary charging, power and mains leads.

Ideal for the Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, Scientific Research Establishments, Motor Sports, Petrochemical Industries and The Film and Television Industry.

Technical Specifications