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Adaptation unit

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Product Description

The RMLCMR-UPS-20 has been specially designed as an adaptation unit to complement the RMPSU28V2KW 20 amp LCMR AC/DC power supply, enabling the combination to become a high current battery back-up UPS capable of delivering
up to 20 amps of dc power @ 24 volts whilst on battery back-up.

This unit seamlessly transitions between mains to battery power, delivering up to 20 amps @ 24 volts dc for 1 hour of continuous use in the event of a mains power failure. The built-in charging system maintains the internal batteries at full charge whilst mains power is being supplied. Constructed from aluminium to provide the perfect heat sink to maximise cooling of the electronic components whilst under extreme high ambient temperatures.

Operation is very user friendly, two steps required. First, connect the AC/DC power supply RMPSU28V2KW to a suitable mains power source. Second, by connecting the output lead from the power supply to the UPS. All that remains is to turn the mains power switch on the UPS to the “on” position.

A series of LEDs informs the operator as to which form of power is being used, be it mains or battery. A back-up switchable audio alarm is also included to alert the operator to mains power failure should it be required.

Ideally suited for outdoor Military applications, this UPS is fully sealed to withstand dust, sand and rain ingestation.