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Rapid charge of two RM1H or Merlin batteries at once




Product Description

The RMBC64-12D has been designed specifically to rapid charge two RM1H or Merlin batteries at once.

This unit can charge both batteries flat to full in less than 5 hours.

Built from 2mm ruggedized aluminium with removable front cover and rear flap in which the mains and charging cables can be stored.

Operation is very user friendly, controlled by the push of two buttons. A full diagnostics check of the batteries is carried out prior to the charge commencing. Five rows of LED’s per channel indicate the state of charge, when the top row stops flashing and the other four rows extinguish, the batteries are fully charged.

Charging is carried out by the use of 41 pin cables connected between the charger and the batteries. The charger comes complete with mains and charging cables.

Technical Specifications